Premium Organic Rainbow Trout

  • Sustainably raised to promote healthy, high quality fish
  • Organic feed contains fish meal, minerals and vitamins, and enhances natural pink color of the flesh
  • Carefully monitored during the harvest process to ensure humane treatment

  • Organically Certified all the way

    Processed and Packed in an organically certified plant

  • Premium Grading

    Meets premium grading guidelines

  • Highest Quality

    Available fresh as whole-dressed or bone-less fillets and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality


Manna Fish Farms grows finfish and researches IMTA (Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture) with macroalgae (kelp) and shellfish (sea scallops).Manna Fish Farms will use world proven submersible cage and automated feed technologies to grow local, wild species finfish.

Manna Fish Farms will utilize the patented storm safe submersibles net pens 8 miles off the south shore of Eastern Long Island in New York State in water depths of 150 feet. The submerged cage provides a natural and safe environment for finfish to grow. Each cage contains approximately 1.7 million gallons of flowing water at any given moment. 



What is Aquaculture? Aquaculture is the rearing of animals and plants, in fresh and seawater. Mariculture is when this aquaculture takes place in a marine environment. Aquaculture and Mariculture offer viable solutions to meet the growing urgent demand for sustainably produced, healthy seafood.

Fish farming has been shown to reduce pressures on wild-stocks, support the growth of coastal and rural communities, help build infrastructure, support local economic revitalization and growth, and will yield an array of seafood products high in protein and rich in heart-healthy Omega 3 oils.

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Finest Quality Fish

Fingerlings are spawned in the hatchery, grown out for over one year, then placed into the off shore submersible cages, where they will be fed via a 60 ton, fully automated and remote operated feed buoy.

The cages are maintained 40-60 feet beneath the surface, and raised and lowered to any depth for easy maintenance. Aquaculture at these depths provides safety from storm events, and swift currents bring constant clean water, providing a healthy environment for the fish.

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