Our Farms

Manna Fish Farms will utilize the patented SeaStations 8 miles off the South shore of Long Island, New York in a water depth of approximately 150 feet. These submersible cages provide a natural environment to grow fish: without escapees and safe from predators. Each SeaStation can hold 6400 cubic meters of water, which will support the growth of 250,000 pounds of fish for harvest. Actual capacity is higher, but Manna will focus on low density stocks to guarantee the health of the fish.

All of Manna’s fingerlings will be spawned and grown out locally on Long Island, with scientific advising from aquaculture experts at the University of New Hampshire and the SUNY Stony Brook University School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. Other advisors include the University of Rhode Island and the Webb Institute of Marine Engineering.

The fingerlings are placed into the submersible cages and fed via a fully automated feed buoy. The fish will be grown out 40-60 feet beneath the surface and will be raised and lowered for easy maintenance. Aquaculture at depths such as these allows for safety from storm events as well as swift currents for clean water.

Manna Fish Farms is in the process of securing permits for our five phases of development, which will ultimately result in a 24 cage array of sustainable seafood growth. Our development will be slow and transparent, as we monitor benthic and water conditions constantly throughout our site.