About us

Manna Fish Farms will be the first open ocean fish farm on the East Coast of the United States and will provide quality seafood, as well as helping wild fish stocks to rebound. Similar to other open ocean fish farms around the world, our farms strive to take nothing from the ocean, and to leave nothing behind.

Today in the United States, seafood is our second largest, natural resource trade deficit, with 91% of seafood imported! Our wild finfish and shellfish stocks have diminished and catch levels are flat, while the demand for healthy protein continues to soar. Growing US and world populations have a great need for healthy, sustainably produced, farmed seafood. The ocean is the place to meet this growing demand, without footprint, in an environmentally friendly manner. It is imperative that something be done to change the trends of depletion and deficit. Manna Fish Farms is committed to meeting this need by growing seafood in a healthy and environmentally sustainable way. Learn more about aquaculture here.